High-quality, agile, compact and modular sweepers allow for high-quality cleaning of road surfaces. They are suitable to be mounted on various machinery and vehicles. We are also an official representative of the Bucher Municipal brand, which manufactures cleaning machinery of different sizes – from small compact sweepers s to major sweeping systems.

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Signal safety trailers

Mobile safety and warning trailers manufactured and tested according to the latest industry standards.

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Other equipment

Multipurpose hydraulic arms, fence repair devices, orange peel grapples (polyps) and other products of the Riko Ribnica brand were designed with a vision of a simple use, comfort and reliability at work.

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Vehicle upgrades

The Riko Ribnica range offers mechanical upgrades of vehicles, hydraulic upgrades and electrical installations for vehicles.

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Here for you

Our professional sales staff offers you technical assistance and will answer every question you may have. We actively engage you in the design and manufacturing stage and together with our technical experts find the right solution for you.