Technical specifications

Reach <17 m
Mowing side Left and right
Drive system Hydrostatic
Purpose of use Mowing grass and undergrowth, Cutting branches

Main advantages

  • Excellent visibility from the vehicle cabin
  • Comfort and safety
  • Multipurpose use


The range of ILF self-propelled hydrostatic machines was designed primarily for the professional care of large areas, such as cleaning roadside banks and maintenance of water networks. These machines are equipped with stable telescopic arms with working distances between 5.5 and 17 meters, on which it is possible to install various professional equipment for the care of road and river greens, melioration of green and forest areas, clearing snow on roads, earthworks and railway services.

Selection of professional attachments


1 – Cutting head | 2 – Conveyor head | 3 – Forestry head

4 – Saw bar | 5 – Cutter bar | 6 – Power shears

7 – Iron brush | 8 – Stump grinder | 9 – Pruning scissors

10 – Trunk pliers | 11 – Orange peel grapple | 12 – Grass grab

13 – Device for mowing rivers | 14 – Ditch bucket | 15 – Ditch cleaner

16 – Blower | 17, 18 – Barrier mower

Hydrostatic machine ILF ASPEN


ILF Aspen is a professional brushcutter machine suitable for working on green and forestry maintenance all year long. On the front side, this self-propelled hydrostatic machine is equipped with a sturdy telescopic arm of 7 or 6 meters, ideal for overcoming obstacles while cleaning roads edges, but also for working in the distance, even vertically.

ILF Aspen offers a high level of comfort for the operator and an excellent working visibility, thanks to its large glass window.

Multifunction hydrostatic machine ILF KOMMUNAL


ILF KOMMUNAL is a multifunction self-propelled machine equipped with a front quick coupling system that allows the installation of multiple equipments for green maintenance, construction work and multi-season roads maintenance. Thanks to the fixed cabin and the front-mounted equipment, the operator can enjoy maximum visibility and comfort while working. In addition to the tool setted on the front side, it is possible to arrange different configurations to manage equipments also on the back side.

The exclusive Energreen quick change design for ILF Kommunal has been inspired by the opportunity for a single operator to hook the attachment in complete autonomy. The system is smart: align the machine with the attachment, insert the guides, block the unit through the hydraulic hook device, connect all hydraulic circuits with only one plate.

Hydrostatic machine with multifunction arm ILF ALPHA

The ILF APLHA is a high-tech machine with a telescopic arm that ensures high performance, safety and work flexibility.

Born from an award-winning project appreciated by the most important costumers of the green maintenance sector, ILF ALPHA inherits all the features that have made unique this tool-carrier machine with telescopic arm: visibility, multifunctionality, ability, performance etc. ILF Alpha can be equipped with 3 different types of arm with different lengths which have various equipment.

ILF Alpha has a comfortable and spacious cabin, equipped with a large windscreen which allows the operator to have an efficient and total view of the work, keeping a high level of comfort and physical wellness.

In terms of safety, the cabin is certified by FOPS-ROPS tests: anti-tipping, against the risk of falling objects, soundproofed, provided with an efficient cooling system, and equipped with all that features necessary to assure the operator a safe and comfortable working environment.

The rotation of the cab allows the operator to cut the grass on both directions,
without rotating the machine and saving time. The rotating cabin allows the operator to always keep the correct body posture, avoiding stress and backpain or stiff neck, as well as managing the work with great comfort and care.

Professional hydrostatic machine ILF ATHENA

ILF ATHENA is a professional highway brushcutter machine which, thanks to its innovative technological contents, offers unparalleled performance, great flexibility and operational safety.

The machine is equipped with a 15-meter telescopic arm, where in addition to the classic mulching head, it is possible to apply several tools.
On the front side of the machine it is possible to set a PTO lifter or a DIN plate, in order to apply a front accessory that can be used simultaneously with the brush cutter arm.

The professional brushcutter ILF Athena is the right choice for every application and represents an European high technological product in the market of the green maintenance thanks to its technological innovations, excellent work performances, operative versatility and safety. ILF Athena has been designed to satisfy every needs; indeed it is possible to chose not only the lengh and type of arm but also engine power and among different options.

Highly professional hydrostatic machine ILF B2000

Energreen ILF B2000 is a highly professional telescopic brushcutter machine that, thanks to its innovative technology and excellent performance, is the best solution on the market for green maintenance and care, mainly on large rivers and large green areas. It can be equipped with a sturdy 9.5 or 17 meter telescopic arm which, in addition to the classic mowing and mulching head, allows you to use a variety of devices. The four twin wheels with three steering solutions offer the machine remarkable driving, even on muddy and heavy grounds.

This excellent result was obtained by Energreen through a deep break-up from the traditional philosophy of the machinery development industry, based mainly on the adaptation and modification of the agricultural tractors or wheeled excavators. The Energreen ILF B2000 machine is designed to overcome the limitations deriving from the use of the traditional tractors, or excavators, equipped with booms to work the maintenance of green areas along roads, motorways and channels with the maximum productivity and safety.

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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