By thinking of a better and greener future, we strive for the efficient use of energy, encourage employees to act sustainably and regularly hold awareness and education courses.

We accept the responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility and transfer this awareness to our employees. The structure of the employed is changing with younger colleagues bringing greater awareness and demands for a sustainable approach in the company. We recognise challenges and trends that lead our environment and society towards a more prudent and caring future.
Our strategic commitment is to make Riko Ribnica a carbon neutral company by 2050.

 Your sustainable partner 

Cooperation with Riko Ribnica is a cooperation with a responsible, environmentally committed and prudent company that is based on the high ethical standards of its employees. Beside the prudent use of raw materials and careful waste management, we strive to return all the know-how we have gained during our years of operations to the local environment we come from. 

“Riko Ribnica is a company that has technological excellence and connection to the environment in its blood. We are committed to the environment we come from and create in, complementing it, enriching it and taking care of it from the very beginning. Of course, with the importance of the green future in mind. This is not only the way all our employees work, but our way of life!”

Matija Brodnik, Director

Riko Ribnica’s Green Commitment

We at Riko Ribnica have designed commitments in our strategic plan, which are our basic guide to a more sustainable operation and a greener future:

  • Customer focused: Identifying the wishes, needs and expectations of the customer
  • Passion and creativity: Creating new solutions for the customer
  • Professional excellence and responsibility: Responsible and professional implementation of our customers’ wishes. Excellent professional support provided to customers.
  • Taking pride in own products and quality: We are proud to see our products and satisfied customers on the roads.
  • Tradition and commitment: Riko Ribnica strives to become a synonym for high-quality winter equipment due to its long-standing expertise.
  • Exceeding expectations: We always strive to find new and even better solutions for our customers. We always give our best. 

Here for you

Our professional sales staff offers you technical assistance and will answer every question you may have. We actively engage you in the design and manufacturing stage and together with our technical experts find the right solution for you.