Our know-how

Designing and engineering

By developing our own products, we are trained and experienced in the planning and development of new products, their designing and engineering. We always consider the wishes of our customers, combining them with our know-how and experience.


Laser cutting of metal

Our metal laser cutting systems quickly and precisely cut out all kinds of metal plates with dimensions of up to 3000 × 1500 mm, which do not exceed a thickness of 20 mm.

Laser cutting is used in combination with metal bending and processing to produce finished pieces, and avoid unnecessary welding and further technological treatment. We have standard materials in stock, such as structural steel, stainless steel and aluminium, or we can order or use your material for cutting.


Metal bending

With our methods of sheet metal bending, we gain technological competitiveness and ensure suitability of products. We are assisted by modern CNC equipment allowing us to prepare a bending simulation in advance, and to suggest construction improvements before manufacture.


Sandblasting of metals

Sandblasting technology enables us a perfect preparation of various metals before applying surface covering materials or paints. A professional and precise sandblasting process removes all the smallest dust particles, rust and other materials that could void the application of paint and varnish.


Surface protection of metals

We offer top quality metal coating service using modern equipment, our know-how and many years of experience. Our technological metal protection processes are environmentally friendly and comply with the latest standards.


Here for you

Our professional sales staff offers you technical assistance and will answer every question you may have. We actively engage you in the design and manufacturing stage and together with our technical experts find the right solution for you.