Technical specifications

Weight ≅1.0 t
Operation Remote control
Voltage Battery 12/24 V
Speed 80 km/h
Purpose of use Workplace protection on the roads


TTMA (Towed Truck Mounted Attenuators) are mobile collision mitigation systems. TTMA with a signal board is used as a safety element in road traffic to reduce the consequences of traffic accidents and prevent injuries or reduce their severity on roads categorized as motorways (AC) and expressways (HC).

The TTMA is a Level 3 Crash Test Protective Cushion (TL-3) designed for use with a support truck in stationary and moving work areas on roads. The TTMA is one of the most advanced collision absorbers on the market, providing a high level of performance when used with heavy-duty towing vehicles and at the same time requiring no modification of the towing vehicle.

Mode of operation of TTMA shock absorbers

TTMA uses patented tube bursting technology to distribute energy from the vehicle that causes a collision. When a pointed reel with a square cross-section is pushed into a square tube with smaller internal dimensions, the reel is pressed against the sides of the tube. External forces acting inside the pipe concentrate the pressure on the corners and thus create a controlled cracking of the steel. As the reel continues, the tube splits into four flat metal strips that the extended part of the reel folds outward.

Additional safety with TTMA technology is the fact that it can rotate. Competitive truck shock absorbers use swivel restraint systems that prevent the shock absorber from rotating, and the TTMA allows the trailer to do so. With this technology, the system is constantly aligned with the vehicle causing the collision, which increases the energy distribution. Due to the aforementioned innovative approach to energy management, TTMA is the only system that has successfully passed the optional deviation tests and angular tests.

Demonstration of shock absorbers
Demonstration of shock absorbers.

Service and

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