On tractors equipped with snow plows, DIN 76060 A/5 or B/3 plate mounting systems and 3-point systems are commonly used. These mounting systems are not compatible with each other.

Example: If the tractor has A/5 mounting plate size, this system is only suitable for attachments with A/5 mounting plate size. All attachments with size B/3 without alteration or use of various adapters are useless for this tractor.

Why be limited in choosing new or used connectors to the size of the mounting plates?

In the company Riko Ribnica we offer a two-in-one mounting solution. The new universal plate on the vehicle may be suitable for mounting both types of attachments. The procedure itself requires less than a minute.

The universal mounting plate on the vehicle has cutouts for rotating bolts and additional threads for both sizes. The only change required to change the size of the plate from B/3 to A/5 is that it is necessary to screw two small plates with four M10 screws in the places where the carrying hooks fit.

The universal mounting plate on the CASE Farmall 95C tractor is height-adjustable and is made with additional lower reinforcement. The lower reinforcement distributes the forces throughout the tractor chassis generated by snow plowing, which in turn reduces the load on the front of the tractor.

A hydraulic installation (hydraulic hoses with hydraulic quick couplings, solenoid valves, etc.) has also been made to drive plows and other attachments, and control is performed via joystick.

Tractor equipment:

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