The GS mark confirms the tested safety of the product. The basis for certification is the Product Safety Act, which is used to verify all safety factors relevant to the product.

It is only granted if an independent test center has ensured that the product does not pose a risk to humans. The GS mark is awarded by an approved test center. These test centers are designated by the Central Office of State for Security Technology (ZLS). This is also monitored by the relevant GS test centers. The GS badge is awarded by independent testing bodies monitored by the Federal Office for Safety Technology. The most famous of these test centers, for example, is TÜV SÜD. The examinations themselves are divided into dimensional and visual inspection, stress tests, functional tests. All required documentation (instructions for use, risk analysis, etc.) is inspected by the controller before the tests are performed. The devices must correspond to the data written in the internal technical documentation. User manuals must be in accordance with those described in the product standard. At the same time, an inspection of the production itself was performed, which means an overview of all procedures, the documentation itself and the quality of production. Production quality inspection is performed once a year. The testing was performed at the location of the company Riko Ribnica.

The GS Certificate was awarded for the SPG and RPS family of plows.

GS Certifikat schneepflüge