Winter conditions are often challenging for road and surface maintenance, making the selection of the right winter service equipment crucial. In this post, we will present an excellent combination for efficient snow removal.

The New Holland T5 115 tractor is equipped with a mounting plate and rear linkage, allowing for easy installation of the snow plough. The electric control ensures smooth handling of the snow plough during work.

The SPG 291 snow plough is designed to facilitate work and ensure efficiency. It is equipped with support wheels, providing stability and better manoeuvrability. The profile signalling with flags increases the tractor’s visibility during work, while the adjustable snow curtain prevents snow from spraying onto unwanted surfaces.

For spreading purposes during winter service, the tractor is equipped with the TP 9 SNK spreader. This powerful spreader offers various spreading methods, ranging from rotary and plate spreading with a range of 2-6 metres, to traditional gravity spreading at the desired width. Different materials, such as salt, sand, or a 4-8 mm mixture, can be used for spreading.

The spreader’s control is simple and efficient with the iCom control panel. It enables various functions, such as starting and stopping the spreading, adjusting the quantity and width of spreading, and turning the working and rotating lights on and off. It also allows for symmetrical left and right spreading. If the spreader is equipped with a moistening option, liquid can be dosed during spreading.

The said spreader is connected to the tractor’s speed signal, enabling speed-dependent spreading. This means that the spreading quantity is independent of the tractor’s speed, contributing to an even and efficient distribution of the spreading material.

To ensure safety and smooth traffic flow in winter conditions, this combination of a tractor and snow plough with an excellent spreader is an ideal choice for efficient winter service. Regardless of the severity of weather conditions, this equipment will handle challenges and ensure passable roads and surfaces that are safe for all traffic participants.