As Riko Ribnica company, we take pride in establishing our position among the largest suppliers of snowploughs on Dutch highways. With every snowfall covering the roads in Northern Europe, we at Riko Ribnica are fully confident that our high-performance highway snow ploughs, RPS 5P and SPG, will ensure safety and optimal road conditions.

We take pride in our latest addition – the innovative iSPC (Intelligent Snow Plough Control), which brings an upgrade in snowplough management. Working with the snowplough has been made easier with the convenient and straightforward control through a handle with an LCD display. With a wide range of features in the iSPC unit’s control, we enable the driver to monitor settings and snowplough positions more easily and clearly. This also allows for precise recording of working hours, service intervals, and other relevant information.

One of the key advantages of the iSPC system is its ability to detect potential issues, such as hydraulic oil shortages in the system. This ensures comprehensive protection of the device against unwanted malfunctions and guarantees long-term stability and reliable operation.


At Riko Ribnica, we strive for top-notch quality and innovation in our products, aiming to provide the best possible experience for our valued customers. Our work is built upon meticulous planning, testing, and continuous development to remain your reliable partner in the battle against winter conditions on the roads.