Technical specifications

Dimensions 4.4–5.2 m
Turning 0–36°
Tilt angle 0–10°
Blade angle 20°
Jump over obstacle 0–120 mm
Purpose of use Ploughing

Main advantages:

  • For the toughest conditions
  • Proven safety system
  • Powerful and robust


Many years of development has led the RPS 5P snow plough to offer excellent performance. It consists of four segments and one folding wing, which increases the ploughing width and at the same time reduces the transport width. The plough is designed for quick and efficient removal of snow from larger surfaces as it can achieve high speeds thanks to its robust design and reliable protection when an obstacle is encountered. For a maximum efficiency in snow removal on motorways, it is recommended that RPS 5P is used in combination with the SPB side-mounted snow plough.

Plough protection system

A proven and reliable triple safety system is based on the connection between the segment and the support frame in combination with pre-loaded springs and oscillating links, support skates or wheels and hydraulic anti-impact safety system. Oscillating links make it easy to pass extremely high obstacles. If the blade on the segment hits the edge of a shaft or another obstacle on the road, the plough segment moves backwards and up, and the spring on the segment creates a certain force that ensures a constant contact of the blade with the surface. After passing an obstacle, the segment automatically returns to the operating position.

Installation and mounting options

In addition to standard fixing plates and a three-point hitch, we also offer an option for installation on various types of vehicles or working machines. In the design and construction phases, we always follow all standards and ensure that mounting or demounting of the plough is quick and simple.

Drive and control

The plough is hydraulically operated via a control lever and/or an LCD colour display from the vehicle cabin. The hydraulic system on the plough consists of reliable proven components. The snow plough may be driven by a plough-mounted electro-hydraulic system (EHS) or a hydraulic unit of the vehicle. EHS is a simple solution for controlling the plough on vehicles that do not have their own hydraulic unit.


The plough is basically equipped with wear-resistant metal blades, rubber, polyurethane or combined blades can be installed if desired. The latter are used on surfaces such as granite, ceramics and the like.

Standard equipment

  • Frame with four segments + folding wing
  • Fixing plate (A/5 or B/3) or three-point hitch
  • Protection via rigid oscillating links and pre-loaded springs
  • Anti-shock safety valve
  • Two support legs for demounting the plough
  • Steel blades (Hardox 450)
  • Moving support skates
  • Side fenders (L+R)
  • Hydraulic installation with quick couplings
  • Colour RAL 2011

Additional equipment

  • Warning labels (red/white reflective label)
  • Support wheels instead of support skates
  • Anti-snow shield made of reinforced rubber strip
  • Awning – anti-snow PVC awning
  • Snow plough cart instead of support legs for demounting the plough
  • Warning lights with flags
  • Additional lights on the plough
  • Special RAL colours by request


A number of other options are available – contact us for more information.

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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