Technical specifications

Hopper volume1,3 m³
Spreading width2,2 m
Spreading with a rollerYes
Spreading with a spreading discNo
Spreading with pre-wettingNo
Drive systemMechanic
Purpose of useSpreading

Main advantages

  • Long-distance spreading
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable


During several years of development, the towed spreader has proven to be a very reliable machine with minimal maintenance and ease of use. It is intended for spreading local and regional roads with sand and other spreading material of suitable granulation and their mixtures with salt. The spreader is mounted on the vehicle using guide chains and a towing hook, and the filling is carried out by tilting the caisson.

Drive and control

The spreader does not require a hydraulic installation for the operation as the spreading mechanism is powered by a chain transmission from the left wheel. Thus, the spreader operation depends on the route driven and the spreading rate is constant regardless of the driving speed. Activation and deactivation of spreading can be carried out manually on the spreader or via the steering in the vehicle cabin, and the quantity is adjusted mechanically with the spindle.

Installation and mounting options

The spreader is mounted on the vehicle using guide chains and a towing hook.

Corrosion protection

A special protective coating of zinc, applied before final painting, is provided for a long service life, and if desired, the spreader can undergo a hot-dip galvanisation process.

Standard equipment

  • Hopper for spreading material
  • Spreading with a roller
  • Agitator shaft for crumbling lumps and clusters
  • Mechanical activation
  • Hot-dip galvanised (Fe) safety grid
  • Third wheel for demounting the spreader
  • Warning lights
  • Colour RAL 2011

Additional equipment

  • Electrical (de)activation of the spreader from the vehicle cabin
  • Tow bar extension
  • Hot-dip galvanised hopper

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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