Technical specifications

RikoMix volume 3.0–5.0 m³
RikoHran volume 20.0–40.0 m³
Operating temperature -10 to +40 °C
Purpose of use Salt storage

Main advantages

  • For modern methods of spreading
  • Long service life
  • Easy to clean and service

Preparation of saline solution

RikoMix is designed to make a solution for wet spreading of the road. The solution may be prepared with a mixture of water and Ca, Na or Mg chloride. Modern spreading methods require pre-preparation of spreading material. Correct preparation of the spreading material reduces the consumption of dry spreading material. The effect of spreading is thus better, and the spreading material stays on the road longer. The mixing device is the first in the process of pre-wetting the dry matter for spreading.

Storage of saline solution

RikoHran is intended for storage of saline solution prepared with RikoMix device. The level of the solution in the container is controlled by a level indicator, which is pumped from the container into transport tanks for road spreading and vice versa. The tank is equipped with an opening for potential cleaning and servicing.

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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