We would like to thank all the participants of the presentation of the new Doppstadt Methor shredder.

Despite the unbearable heat, the shredder uncompromisingly crushed everything that came between its teeth!

Adaptability and power are literally built into the concept of the new Doppstadt Methor shredder. This applies both to the various crushing systems and to the well-designed and extremely robust machine concept.

In small and medium-sized municipal companies, it ensures efficiency and flexibility in the processing of a wide variety of secondary and special raw materials – from construction and industrial waste to mattresses, mixed municipal waste and biomass.

At the same time, it offers all the advantages of larger primary shredders and the uncompromising quality of the Doppstadt brand.

Methor is the first Doppstadt shredder developed for small to medium quantities of material. Its shredding system can be replaced in 60 minutes.

Adding material with automatic load control – HydraulicDirect ensures optimal load curve and machine efficiency at all times.

The material feed is automatically controlled according to the load on the crushing shaft.

The pressure of the drive pump is used to control the inclination of the suction funnel. The hopper lift setting can be adjusted according to the current machine load. With this, we achieve optimal and continuous crushing without stopping.

The shredder is available on both a semi-trailer chassis with a hydraulic drive and on tracks with a remote control.

An ideal volume reduction machine and a versatile machine that can work independently or as part of a larger system.

Watch the video presentations and operation of the Methor shredder:

Picture of the shredding system – teeth, after presentation.