Technical specifications

Hopper volume 0,5–2,0 m³
Spreading width 5 m
Spreading of fluid Yes
Drive system Electric
Voltage 12 V
Purpose of use Spreading and spraying

Main advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion resistance


The truck bed mounted sprayer is available in different sizes to match a versatile field of use, and to fit a wide range of vehicles. The SprayStriker can be used in different ways when fighting the ice and snow, and it can also be used in the summer for agricultural purpose. The sprayer is designed for maximum liquid tank capacity and for use on European market machines and vehicles. The durable and light poly tanks are supported by a powder coated stainless-steel frame construction. The pump and CPU-unit is protected inside an easy-to-reach stainless-steel housing.

The SprayStriker 500-2000 sprayers are available as towable de-icing sprayers. The trailer models extend the capability and flexibility of the sprayers, as you get the flexibility to use any pickup, SUV or car to combat icy conditions. The 12V SprayStriker sprayer series is adaptable to the single axle trailer ( 500L ) and dual axle trailer (1000-2000L models).

StrikeSmart control

The StrikeSmart controller is a standard feature for SprayStriker spreaders. The color controller screen allows you to adjust the spread according to your current situation. Automatic GPS speed control adjusts the amount of material used according to the speed of your vehicle. In addition, the controller collects and stores essential data on a USB stick, allowing you to create extended reports.

HTrack tracking system

With the tracking software you can track and manage all of your spreading devices and snowplows online on your computer, tablet or smart phone. The HTrack system provides a 2-way GPRS communication channel as it informs the driver what sites to treat during operations. Application rates can be remotely set for each client’s site according to weather conditions, enabling the driver to concentrate on completing the operation as quickly and safely as possible.

Also check out the IceStriker electric salt spreader.

Standard equipment

  • HTrack tracking system
  • 2 m spray rod with double spray nozzles (7 + 7)
  • The controller allows you to control the sprayer and its functions from inside the cab
  • GPS speed control adjusts fluid flow (ml/m2)
  • The 12-volt motor is housed in a closed weather-resistant housing
  • Includes an accessory wire for optional work light and beacon light that can be activated from the standard controller
  • Includes additional wire for additional work light and light that can be activated with a standard controller
  • 20ml/m2 at a maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Nozzles at the end of the frame for extended spray width
  • Additional tank for rinsing/cleaning the spray system with antifreeze liquid after each use

Additional equipment

  • License plate kit and tail light
  • Optional colors: red and orange
  • Rotation light
  • LED work light
  • Storage legs
  • 12 m hose reel for spraying sidewalks and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Electrical solenoids on end nozzles

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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