Technical specifications

Engine power 29–36 kW
Mowing width 1.3–1.7 m
Working slope 0–55°
Speed 0–10 km/h
Purpose of use Mowing grass and undergrowth

Main advantages

  • For hard-to-reach terrain
  • User safety
  • Low centre of gravity


iCut is a remote-controlled mower designed for mowing grass, weeds, bushes and branches. The mower provides maximum safety in critical and demanding conditions and achieves top performance. iCut enables the user to work in full compliance with safety standards, health and safety regulations, and clears hard-to-reach areas.

Control panel

Two large joysticks provide precise control of the movement, steering and head height control. A simple control set-up that allows start-up, speed adjustment and steering sensitivity to suit personal preferences allows for productive and safe work in all working conditions. 

In addition, the console has many other functions on the stop button, such as coolant and oil temperature indicators, battery functions for radio control and engine oil pressure, fuel level indicator, air filter clogging indicator, floating system on/off, driving speed (slow/fast) and return fan on/off function.


Optimal weight distribution and low centre of gravity mean that iCut is capable of operating in slopes of up to 55° in all directions, while ensuring optimum grip in all operating conditions. In extreme operating conditions, when the safety of the machinery needs to be increased, the width of the chassis can be increased with a hydraulic cylinder, thus increasing the overall width of the caterpillar tracks.


Four different types of caterpillar tracks are available to operate in all types of working conditions with the highest level of safety and compliance:


Rubber caterpillar tracks with a middle profile. Ideal for transport and for work in areas with a moderate slope not to damage the lawn. They are intended for long distance transport.


Rubber caterpillar tracks with a deep profile. These caterpillar tracks are ideal for working on medium slopes, reducing lawn damage.


Rubber caterpillar tracks with steel wedges provide a maximum grip on rocky terrain or uneven ground that could damage the rubber.


Caterpillar tracks with steel wedges and plugs for use in extreme conditions, both in terms of slope and type of terrain, where high cutting resistance of the layer and high performance for work on slopes are required.

Cutting heads

Hydraulic cutting heads R1300–R1700

They are recommended for mowing grass, weeds and bushes. They have two working widths, 130 and 170 cm, which allow you to maximize productivity.

Hydraulic forestry flail head RF1300

Due to the special structure of the flail head and its rotor with rotary hammer blades, this flail head is ideal for working under demanding conditions.

Hydraulic forestry flail head RF R 1300

The RF-R forestry mulcher model with improved design has enhanced the robustness of its structure and consequently durability and impact resistance.

The use of DOMEX700 material for the inner sub-frame allows the construction to be light-weight but very strong and resistant.

Replaceable equipment and accessories

iCut increases equipment availability and enables its use throughout the year. Due to the various implements specifically designed for iCut, this machine is suitable for use in forestry, in the maintenance of public and private green areas, gardening, winter road management and material handling.

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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