Technical specifications

Gross hopper volume 5.0–8.0 m³
Water tank 1330–2300 l
Auxiliary engine power pack Diesel, diesel hydrostatic or electric motor
Purpose of use Sweeping

Main advantages

  • Reliability and long service life
  • High suction power
  • Large hopper


As an official representative of Bucher Municipal, we offer you a wide range of high-performance road sweepers of „V“ series, adapted to operate in a wide range of specific environments to ensure maximum efficiency. These sweepers continue the tradition of a successful technology and provide operational reliability and long service life with high-quality materials and components.

Sweeping system

The advanced system of brushes ensures perfect cleaning to the edge of the curbstone even in those unpleasant angular locations that are difficult to access. Sweepers are equipped with an above average suction power and are particularly suitable for sweeping very dirty surfaces.


V50 – power and performance package for cities

Key specifications:

  • Hopper volume of 5.0 m³
  • Water volume of 1330 l

V65 designed for long service life, designed for operation

Key specifications:

  • Hopper volume of 6.5 m³
  • Water volume of 1545 l

V65e 100 % truck mounted electric sweeper

Key specifications:

  • Hopper volume of 6.5 m³
  • Water volume of 1545 l

V80 – powerful sweeper for cleaning in demanding conditions

Key specifications:

  • Hopper volume of 8.0 m³
  • Water volume of 2300 l

Product series overview

Airflow technology

Presentation of Bucher Municipal „V“ series sweeping machines

Additional equipment

  • Crane side brush
  • Camera system
  • Front-mounted brush unit
  • Additional water tank
  • Additional hose for sucking leaves
  • Display of axle load for undercarriage with air suspension
  • High-pressure water system with manual hose
  • Water jet package for complete elimination of fine dust
  • Low pressure sprinklers
  • High pressure sprinklers
  • Water recycling

A number of other options are available – contact us for more information.

Service and

We are aware that only quick and professional assistance ensures efficient work with our products. Therefore, we pay great attention to after-sales cooperation. A well-equipped service department ensures that your work runs smoothly in all seasons. In winter, we provide you with 24-hour assistance and offer help even in the most difficult conditions.

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